About Slottsmissionen

You have never heard of Slottsmissionen. We are not a large or other mission organization. I am in Sweden and Scandinavia the cornerstone is laid.

Exactly what makes slot missions? The answer will take some time because our work sees many different aspects. We are very concerned and heard for the gospel. We have not heard that we belong to the old gospel. We are neither culturally relevant nor liberalistic in our Bible relationships. Some say “You live in the 19th century”. We hear answers, we compensate saying that we go much further in time. How about the first century as an important one? In Galatians 1: 8-9 8 it says: 9 As we have already said, I now reiterate that if someone preaches a personal gospel to you than that which you have, you should be cursed. This is a strong personal language. The gospel is a personal, serious decision. They are dealing with heaven and hell, light and darkness, with God or Satan, the eternal souls of men. This is not an easy or frivolous decision. Slottsmissionen preaches and teaches very directly in these looks. If you have a modernist, casual and non-confrontational form of Swedish Christianity, you will not like this service.

Slottsmissionen has a particular burden for the often neglected and remoter parts of Sweden. We of course are glad to help, encourage and preach in larger churches and cities. It is after all where the majority of Christians and the Swedish population is found. But nonetheless we are prepared to travel to small places and churches in order to encourage and bless the saints and reach unsaved and unreached people. We believe strongly in working together with local churches. This is the pattern. It’s great to have a visiting evangelist come and preach for a weekend or a week. Hold some special services. Sweden needs evangelists, lots of them! But this does not denessitate the importance of a local body actively involved in spreading the good news. Part of the evangelists gift is to stir up the body of Christ to fulfil the great commission both at home and abroad.

God fill us with the Holy Spirit so we can have boldness to preach and witness: Acts 1:8 & 4:31. So many believers are cruelly hampered by the fear of man. ‘But Peter and John answered and said unto them, Whether it be right in the sight of God to hearken unto you more than unto God, judge ye.’ Acts 4:19. Oh how we need the fear of the Lord. It is the beginning of wisdom. We talk so much about the Holy Spirit in this day, but there is a reality of Him that frees a Christian from over consciousness of his fellow man. The Bible says in Proverbs 29:25 that the fear of man brings a snare.‎ We long in slottsmissionen to see Christians brought into this glorious reality. Oh the weakness of the flesh when one stands publicly to proclaim the Gospel, but equally oh the strengthening and power of the Holy Spirit when we obey. God gives the Holy Spirit to those who obey him. Acts 5:32.

Ok. We invite Slottsmissionen to visit our church. What will you actually do? We are flexible. But generally, we preach evangelistic services both in the church and also on the street. We testify and preach publicly and aloud in the squares. We engage in one to one evangelism and pray for the needs of people as the Lord leads. We do door to door. We can hold tent meetings too in the Summer. But our emphasis is on preaching. We train people in Biblical evangelism. We have missions trips. So members from your assembly or locality can join us we journey from place to place. There are preaching platforms on the roofs of some cars. This is an effective tool to reach many people. In the Summer particularly when there are festivals or gatherings.

But winter time can be good too, especially at skiing or Winter sports events where large crowds of people attend. May we remind you dear reader that Jesus commanded us to go OUT into the highways and byways. Too many times the church in the Western world is insular and expects sinners to come IN. It’s great if they do attend our services, but oftentimes in this day and age it’s not the case. We cannot afford to wait for them. There is an urgency to the Gospel. The Bible says today is the day of salvation. 2 Cor 6:2 and in Hebrews 3:15 ‘TODAY if you hear his voice do not harden your hearts.’ unrepentant sinners go to hell in Winter time, not only in the Summer!

Just as an aside, sometimes when we are invited to hold a mission we are asked if we can pass out tea and coffee, cakes and biscuits etc. Whilst we don’t object to this. This really is not our primary  focus as a missions team. Though your church members are welcome to do so. Apart from the fact, when you really preach the Gospel, and that means confronting people concerning their sins, preaching the cross and resurrection, repentance and new birth, heaven AND hell, the judgment seat etc. The whole Gospel, not just the humanistically acceptable parts eg, God loves you! There is a truth to this found in Calvary. But to reduce the Gospel to this one mantra as many do in this age is a gross misrepresentation of what the Gospel truly is.

There is much to say on this matter. But when you preach a full Gospel expect that some people will be very angry, even Swedes! Yes even Swedes can get angry when they hear a pure Gospel. So that means they may not be so disposed to accepting your coffee and biscuits. But it doesn’t say in the book of Acts that the Christians went everywhere giving people tea and cakes. It says that the believers went everywhere preaching the word of God. Acts 8:4. We are certainly not against doing acts of charity or extending kindnesses to the people of this world, quite the reverse, but it should never take the place of preaching. We must not do social projects at the expense of the Gospel. This is all too often the case these days. We have held successful outreaches where we have hired out for example a ‘folkets hus’ and invited people to a dinner. There was opportunity to befriend people, speak to them about Christ and have someone share testimony. We have also seen churches in Sweden start ‘Språk Cafes’ which is an excellent form of outreach. You can meet people’s physical needs, food, clothing, shelter, friendship. A particularly good way to reach immigrants and the more isolated in society. There’s nothing wrong with any of this and we would encourage it BUT it doesn’t replace the need to publicly preach the Gospel.


Slottsmissionen briefly described

We want to work towards spreading the fame of God’s goodness in Sweden. We want to build networks between people who are passionate for the Gospel to once again reach many Swedes the same way as was done during the 1800’s revival. Slottsmissionen wishes to support efforts to reach out with the gospel in Sweden. We want to help setup meetings between people who are prepared to put their lives, their time and resources to the Lord’s disposal in the largest of all missions: to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want to create communities of Christian entrepreneurs and evangelists. We want to take the initiative and provide support for church planting all over Sweden.

Our values

  • We believe that the Bible is the word of God and the only foundation for Christian doctrine and life. We believe that every human being can be saved through personal repentance and by faith in Jesus Christ as the only path to salvation.
  • We believe that there is a heaven and a hell, and that every person’s choice to accept or reject Christ is decisive for where one will spend eternity. We are convinced that every Christian is called to spread the good news in different ways; the Gospel of God’s salvation.
  • We believe in the Holy Spirit and that God himself confirms the preaching of the word by giving power to the conversion by raise people up from humiliation, through healing the wounds of the slain and by freeing people from the bondage and slavery of sin. All this happens because of Jesus Christ on the cross bore our sin and broke the power of Satan.
  • We believe that God has chosen to work through his church and that the church is called to be a witness of God’s grace and a blazing torch to remind the world about God’s salvation and God’s character.