Morgan’s introduction

Morgan Gelert Phare, from Wales. Is an evangelist and the co-founder of Slottsmissionen with Magnus Olsson.

Morgan was called by the Lord to live and work with the gospel in Sweden. It is one of the choicest privileges of the Christian to both know and walk in the will of God. What a blessing this is!

Morgan was converted to Christ in Canada in 1993. He quickly received a burden from God to start praying for Sweden. He has preached the gospel in a number of countries and places, but there are three main places that the Lord Jesus has placed on his heart. First of all Wales. Then comes Sweden, where Morgan has served since 2014. Number three is Canada, the place where he was born again.

After Morgan was saved he returned to Wales from Canada in 1995. He lived and worked in West Wales.

After attending bible school in Uppsala and through contacts he made in the United States, he then gets to know Magnus Olsson in Ljungskile, Sweden. They decided to do a mission trip in Sweden, in the summer of 2012. They traveled with a small team in northern and middle of Sweden. It was time of great blessing. At the end of the mission he was roundly convinced that it was time to plan to move to Sweden to work full time with the gospel there. So in February 2014, Morgan with his wife and cats moved to Sweden.

Morgan has been traveling all over Sweden and made contact with churches and preached the gospel for almost ten years.

God is good. What a privilege it is to walk with Jesus. He is worthy.

Quick facts about Morgan

  • Year of birth: 1969
  • Home: Wales
  • Date of conversion: 25th October 1993
  • Family: His wife Vashi and their cat
  • Residence: In Sweden since 2014